Le Video
Le Video
Snackable Internet Videos.

I make videos under the name Le Video. Pardon my French.

Currently, Head of Creative at Cladwell, Founding Partner & ESFP at Cloverleaf, marketing and creative mentor for startups, Co-author for storytimebios, serving on the board of a Cincinnati non-profit called Play Library, available to teach, consult, write, speak, or listen...


...But, you can call me Levi.


I co-wrote a book about rockets. But, It's about Elon Musk. But, really it's about rockets. And also Elon Musk. But, it's totally about rockets.


Enough about me. How can I help you ?

Do you want to meet?

I'm good at building compasses.

When you work with me, you'll get a lot of questions. The answers to those questions help us build something rad. I'm not your basic consultant. If I can do the work, I do the work. If I can't, I find someone who can. When I'm done, I equip you and your team to take over. I don't just discover, I build.

My availability for work is limited. But, let's see what's up, okay?


Organizations I help / am helping / have helped: