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Snackable Internet Videos.

Hi. I’m a Director, Writer, Camera Operator, Photographer, Actor, Designer, and Mentor.

I’m a Creative Handyman. But, you can call me Levi.

My name is Levi Bethune (Beth-yoon). I'm an award-winning video writer/director, owner of Le Video, Creative Director at Jiobit and Tovala, Co-Founder of Cloverleaf, marketing and creative mentor for startups, available to teach, work, consult, write, speak, or listen in Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Pittsburgh, New York, or really anywhere I can bring a camera.

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What's your biggest challenge right now?

That's one of my favorite questions.

I work with decision-makers in budding organizations to help articulate their mission, vision, values, archetype, aura, spirit-animal, and which Kardashian sister they might be. I can help unearth the story that will give clarity to every marketing and operational decision to follow.



Here's some recent video work from Levi Bethune and Le Video.


Some quick & scrappy social content created as Le Video direct to client:

Some videos written & directed by Levi through agencies:

Levi Bethune is on LinkedIn and Angel List and Working Not Working. Can you believe it?


ME. Me. Me. Me. Me. UGH.

Can we please talk about you?

I'm always interested in meeting new people, chatting about whatever needs to be chatted about, and learning how I can help. My availability opens up when there are drinks involved.


Organizations I help / am helping / have helped: