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Stop This Video

I wrote a version of this poem about a year ago for a project that never took off--as is the case with many passion projects. It's a response, in part, to the Take The Time video I produced for Cladwell a couple years ago. As a content-creator and agent of a few digital tools, I am aware of my role in creating distractions from the real world. But, I'm also working hard to create a balance and to use my powers for good. Which is why I've made this video.

I didn't wait for the prettiest soapbox. I was tired of not making something, so I set up a light, set up a camera, put on a microphone, and used what I had to make something. Anything.

This video is a reminder for me. It's a reminder to set down the screen and make something... even if that thing belongs on a screen. It's a reminder to not wait for something to be perfect in order for it to be done. It's a reminder that my voice is powerful. It's a reminder that YOUR voice is powerful.


Your turn. What are YOU going to make?

How can I help? Seriously, if you have something burning in your head that just needs to get out into the world, let me help you up on that soapbox. Email me: and let's make it together.