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We make one thing: Frickin' adorable startup videos for marketers who need to test everything & move fast on a budget.

You should binge Watch the reels. or just straight up email us.

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Oh look, some of our favorite Videos.


Short, clever, dare we say... cute engaging video for the internet. And that's it. You can get one.

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You're gonna wanna get started. It's the only way to finish. Fill this out and let's chat. Or you can email us or maybe call us.

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Tell me what you've seen, what you've learned, or what you've heard that led you to where you are right now.

Oh yeah, the process.

  1. You fill this out.

  2. You pay a deposit. Like, 50% or something.

  3. We chat on the phone or whatever.

  4. We toss a couple ideas at you, and you let us know what you would like to try.

  5. We make stuff and deliver it.

  6. You pay the final invoice. Videos start at $2000. Most of the videos on this site cost between $2000 and $5000 each (and some are part of a campaign and don't really count). Everyone has different needs, though, so let's start at step 1 to find out what yours are.

Let us pretend to be your in-house video agency. Not possible? No it's not. It's not not possible.

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Is this for you? The answer might be "no," and that's okay. It's not for everyone.

We don't want to waste your time. We're not a Full-service video studio* We're just peeps who can make simple and dope videos for the internet**. We research, write, shoot, act, read, record, direct, edit, mix, master, and ship all our own stuff. Usually in less than a few days. In fact, if it's projected to take longer than a week, we avoid it.


Are we the best? Ha Ha Ha No. But, we're good.

Look, we’ll never say we’re the #1 video agency or anything like that. But, if you are an organization with an alarming lack of time and resources in a season of rapid iteration and feverish testing, let's not waste anybody’s time.



*There are myriad video studios out there. Many of them will make you a video that is totally worth the price and the timeline. If you can spend $20-40k and wait 8-10 weeks, the video and the process very well may be exactly what you need.

**Levi has a lot of experience creating videos for the internet, both as part of a video agency, and out on his own.


What's the matter? Not your bucket of biscuits? We get it.

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